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Czech Rep 2016 blog-409

Hiking in the borders of Czechia and Slovakia, 2016 (Peter Beckenham)

My travels throughout Europe have been made with the intention to experience other cultures and languages, to meet other conservationists and volunteer in support of projects. I have never left the continent for America, Africa or Asia, and I’m perfectly content with that.

I’ve been to the Romanian Carpathians, the Great Hungarian Plain, Bavarian Alps the lowlands of Belgium and the Netherlands, and one of the most important wooded landscapes in Europe in Poland.

European culture and nature is one of my great passions. We each live with the fallout of European history every day and I love to learn about how and why that is, and the new histories being made.

Like many of my fellow Brits, I was devastated by the referendum result in 2016. I respect other people’s views (within reason) but I will never stop believing it has been a colossal mistake for Britain.

Like most people my ancestry is a mixture of many different nationalities. I have strong Irish heritage and, for me, being British also includes that Irishness. Britain leaving the EU has challenged the identity of many people in the UK, not least the UK itself.

Czechia 2017 hi-res-192

Alongside the Morava: me and conservationist Karel Simecek, Czechia 2017 (Eddie Chapman)

In my political views, which are non-partisan, I reject nationalism. I have been privileged in many ways in my life but being able to travel freely throughout Europe has added knowledge, experience and friendships which are very important. Millions of British people feel the same way. Likewise, the freedom of movement for people around Europe has enriched our societies in ways we have failed to understand. That said, the good will go on.

As human beings we have more in common than that which divides us. As a British person I am committed to supporting fellow conservationists in Europe, whatever colour my passport becomes and am grateful for all my European friends and family have given to me.


2 Responses to “Europe”

    • D. Greenwood

      Thanks again, yes, it’s one thing to sit and admire, but we can’t forget that our wildlife and green spaces are under threat.


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