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ILWTA Audio cover


I am living with the animals is my first collection of poems, self-published in October 2014. It is 34 pages long and has 21 poems in it. In 2018 I self-published a second booklet called Sumptuous beasts:



Nature is everywhere in our lives and is intrinsically linked to our own well-being and existence. I hope you like nature more after reading some of these.

The cover illustration is by Henrietta MacPhee

To buy a copy of I am living with the animals in the UK click here.

To buy a copy of Sumptuous beasts in the UK click here.

Explore my poetry archive here



I have been making home recordings of my own music since 2007. I have recorded several albums and EPs, not all shown here. You can explore my discography here. We (Adam George, Nick Broadstock and Anto Ojeda Ballesteros plus friends) filmed this music video at One Tree Hill in SE London in 2011.

Blackbird sing EP

Blackbird sing is a short collection of folk songs recorded in London between 2012 and 2013. The songs were inspired by walking the downs on the edge of London (‘Skylark’), the month of July, with its hobbies (‘Picking at the limes’) and bees, the ancient Blean Woods in Kent and the simple case of a blackbird. Any sales from downloads will be donated to the European Conservation Action Network.

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