Volunteering consultancy🌱

I’m an environmental volunteering specialist with over a decade’s experience in both charity and public sector volunteering organisations. Over the years I have learned so much as a volunteer myself, and from working with and supporting volunteers across the south-east of England.

It’s fundamental to understand that volunteering is not ‘free’. Volunteers deserve good support and enjoy numerous legal safeguards.

Volunteers donate a valuable commodity – time.

My work focuses on improving volunteer management culture, volunteer experience and volunteering programme development.

For London Wildlife Trust I have managed volunteers in public green spaces, while for the South Downs National Park Authority I pioneered South Downs Youth Action (a young persons’ volunteering programme) and microvolunteering, whilst overseeing the South Downs Volunteer Ranger Service. I’ve crisis-managed volunteering programmes through the Covid-19 pandemic, chaired a local authority health & safety committee, facilitated the South Downs Volunteering Network, and community stakeholder groups and committees. I have experience of setting up volunteer leader training programmes and supporting employees in good management of volunteers.

As a volunteer I’ve engaged with people, communities and organisations across southern England, as well as in Spain, Czechia and Romania.

As you may have already seen from my website, I am motivated by the climate, ecological and social crises we all face.

Email: unlockinglandscapes@gmail.com

6 ways I can help you

Please see below on the different services I can offer. If you want to get a confidential second opinion on an issue or perspective on plans you may have, you should also feel free to get in touch.

Programme development

I can help you to improve your volunteering programmes for the benefit of both your services and the people who donate their time to support your organisation. I can also provide guidance on making your volunteering offer more accessible and inclusive.

Volunteer policy

A volunteer policy can be the cornerstone of your organisation and help to define your volunteering programmes. I can help you to develop your policies on expenses, uniform, conflict resolution, safety and more.


Community science is the lifeblood of the environmental movement. I can help you to incorporate microvolunteering projects into your programmes and train your staff and volunteers in the use of iNaturalist and other software.

Digital support

Are you a small organisation trying to set up your online presence? I can build you a simple website using WordPress.com and create your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages.

Quick questions

Do you just need a second opinion on an issue that’s been holding your organisation back? Book in a 30-minute consultation and let me help you find your way forward.

Volunteer data management

Is your volunteer data management system giving you nightmares? I’ve been there! I can help you to make your data processes GDPR compliant, easy to use and effective in reporting on volunteer activity.

Contact Daniel

All conversations and enquiries are strictly confidential in line with my declaration of trust.

I can provide free guidance and resources to newly set up volunteer-led community groups in the UK subject to capacity.

“Sensitivity and imagination” – what the experts say

“Working with Daniel has been a pleasure – he always seeks to understand individual needs, has a strong knowledge of volunteer policy and management, and demonstrates a commitment to making volunteering more equitable and accessible. Daniel’s approach is inclusive and forward thinking, providing advice and interventions to support cultural, landscape and environmental organisations in diversifying volunteer models through initiatives such as energised volunteer programming, micro-volunteering and youth voice initiatives. He has always shown a sensitivity and imagination when dealing with challenges, and is able to design volunteer programmes that support organisations with future-proofing their volunteer models while also ensuring individual volunteers have a positive and fulfilling experience. I would recommend Daniel to any organisation engaging with volunteering, thinking about their volunteer offer, management, training and forward planning their volunteer model and programme.

– Anooshka Rawden, Cultural Heritage Lead (UK Museum Accreditation Committee member), South Downs National Park Authority