Macro ๐Ÿ“ท


Since March 2020 I have posted a regular Macro blog

Here are some of the highlights:

I started the blog to find some distraction from the UK lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been a massive relief and I really enjoy writing these posts.

I bought my first macro lens in 2014 and since then macro has become the core focus of the photos I take. I have learned huge amounts about nature through seeing new species and witnessing amazing animal behaviour.

Macro has shown me that unique images can be captured anywhere, in any space, without having to travel hundreds or thousands of miles in search of a photographic experience.

My main focus is on insects, spiders, plants and fungi.

Below are a selection of my favourite photos:

Macro photography blogposts

GDN - 26-5-2020-lo-res-21
Wool carder bee
Mirid bug
The only way is up!
Rother - 29-1-2019 blog-4
Lichen communities
SLF - 26-7-19 - djg-13
Oysterling fungus
Ebernoe - 26-5-2019 djg-27
Hoverfly on fern leaf

Ebernoe - 11-10-2019 djg-7

Porcelain fungi

Ebernoe - 15-8-2019 djg-21.jpg
Mushroom and moss garden
Lime Ave - 22-5-2019 djg-5.jpg
Fly’s eyes on yellow leaves
OTH - December-2018 djg-2
Springtail and silverleaf fungus
Gasteruption assectator, a parasitic wasp
Ichneumon wasp with ovipositor
Netherlands 2017 lo-res DJG -83
Nomad bee preening
Shield bug in cow wheat
Osmia bicornis nesting - 16-4-17 blog-7
Red mason bee in the garden gate
Czech Rep 2016 blog-161
Ruby-tailed wasp
Ebernoe - 26-5-2019 djg-37
Trash packet
Netherlands 2017 lo-res DJG -51
Long-horn beetle
Paper wasp