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I’m a writer and photographer from London, England focusing on nature

On my blog I publish photographs, articles and poetry

My interest is in the natural histories of south-east London, British woodlands, the North Downs and Eastern Europe

I’ve written a booklet of poems called I am living with the animals

You can view my photography portfolio on my Flickr page

I also have Facebook and Instagram pages

Recent articles

The Honor Oaks

OTH oaks-3

In conservation Europe shares a common goal



The shifting sands of the River Morava

Morava 4-13

A journey through Transylvania


The Great Hungarian Plain

Hortobagy blog pics-14

Restoring the Magnificent Meadows of the Cotswolds

Cotswolds blog pics-12

Walking in the threatened landscape of Swanscombe Marshes

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The North Downs

I am compiling photographs and short country diary style accounts of walking in the North Downs. I like to call it a North Downs diary. I love exploring the chalky hills that run from the edge of London to the white cliffs of Dover, their human and natural history are spellbinding, with links to the dinosaurs in the chalk that makes up much of the landscape, resulting in some of the richest meadows in the country. Then there are Scheduled Ancient Monuments like Farthing Downs, an expanse of land where Saxon field systems have remained open for thousands of years.

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Woods are my core interest. Through working and walking in woods I aim to explore the historical, ecological and symbolic importance they hold for people. My regional areas of interest are the remnant ancient woods of south London known as the Great North Wood, southern England, the woods of western Ireland, the Caledonian pine forests and the mountain and lowland forests of central and eastern Europe.


There are lots of people active in the world of conservation and wildlife. Here are a list of people and organisations I recommend:

Maria Pinta – Spanish wildlife illustrator

Peter Beckenham – Kent/London birder and passionate conservationist

Julian Hoffman – author of The Small Heart of Things

European Conservation Action Network – Dorset-based conservation CIC

Karel Šimeček – Czech ornithologist and photographer

Friends of One Tree Hill – south London Local Nature Reserve

SoLoMig – south London birders

Badger Trust – fighting the mindless cull

The New Nature – writing wild London

Philip Braude – award winning wildlife photographer

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