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I’m a writer and photographer based in southern England.

You can see my latest posts on my blog.

My main area of inspiration is drawn from the landscapes of southern England. I also hold an interest in woods and the natural and cultural history of Europe. I’ve mapped my blog posts about walks and travel below.

I’ve self-published two booklets of poems.

You can view my photography portfolio on my Flickr page. I also have Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Blog post map



My fungal year 2018

August dreams of fungi in Epping Forest

Land of the lousewort: healing a broken landscape in the White Carpathians

Tracing the footsteps of the first Europeans in the the Pálava Hills

The Oostvaardersplassen: rewilding the Netherlands, or maybe not

Oaks of London: the Honor Oaks

In conservation Europe shares a common goal

The shifting sands of the River Morava

A journey through Transylvania

The Great Hungarian Plain

Restoring the Magnificent Meadows of the Cotswolds