3 thoughts on “Stop the badger cull march, London, Saturday 1st June 2013”

  1. Hi Daniel…I found your blog through bookish nature, and found these photos. I was there Saturday, too….it was such a positive day and I can’t believe yesterdays news. Well done for highlighting the issues. My heart goes out to all our beautiful badgers ..

    1. Hi Louise, thanks for leaving a comment. It was good to attend the walk but I am left with the sense that nothing will change with the coalition, they see an opportunity to enforce their legislation and beliefs against the electorate and are doing all they can to make the most of their time in office. Sadly it is the same for badgers. But culls don’t always do what people think and we don’t know what will happen politically. It still could be called off. I’m sure there are court cases to be heard. Keel making the point. If it wasn’t badgers it would be something else.


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