6 thoughts on “Hornbeam Pollard, King’s Wood, Kent”

  1. Wonderful to see this, Daniel – King’s Wood is one of my old haunts; brings back happy memories! Great photo. Love the wonderful hornbeam pollards… The hornbeam is one of those species that always evokes the spirit of Kentish woodlands for me…


  2. Hi Melanie.

    That’s so nice that you’ve actually been there and by the sounds of things know it well. We were passing through along the North Downs Way so didn’t get much time to stop, other than to admire the endless sweet chestnut coppices and a trail of fallow deer. It was magical.

    There is lots of hornbeam in an old woodland near me in south London, in autumn the yellow leaves are incredible. Particularly when they’re covering the ground. An amazing tree.

    1. Hi Daniel – your local woodland sounds such a beautiful haven. I love the mental picture I now have of the gorgeous hornbeams there! I’m originally from Kent – and spent lots of time conservation volunteering in various parts of the county (lots of chestnut, hazel and hornbeam coppicing!) I love the way that hornbeam coppice often twists as it grows – spiralling to form beautiful patterns. King’s Wood was never one of our task sites, but we used to walk there… The woodlands in that area are so special to me, so it’s especially nice to see your picture…

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