Oaks of London: Clapham Common oak

Clapham Common - 27-3-17 blog-3

This English oak is easily missed, to the point where I didn’t notice it was an oak until looking at the photo later. This early spring sunshine is the kind that brings people to sit underneath trees, like the man in the distance on Clapham Common. His bike is resting against the trunk behind him.

Oaks of London

2 thoughts on “Oaks of London: Clapham Common oak”

  1. Very much enjoying your reports (and recent talk on One Tree Hill), Daniel. I wanted to send you a photo of an old oak in an obscure part of Horniman Park; looks like a boundary tree – but WordPress sent an email saying “we weren’t able to find your comment in the email”. It’s likely that the oak will not have escaped your attention, but just in case, would you like to see the pic?

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for commenting. I know the Horniman well and have taken some photos of the oaks there. I think a few may be from the old Westwood Common boundary, possibly. There certainly is that line that runs down between the park and the back gardens to the point of the substation. I will put something up about them soon and of course am interested to hear if you or anyone else has done more research on them.


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