Unlocking Landscapes: making a podcast in 2021

I’m really pleased to say that I’m in the process of launching a podcast. It’s called Unlocking Landscapes and will, unsurprisingly, be about people and landscapes. Below you can listen to the podcast intro:

The first episode focuses on London’s historic Great North Wood and Chris Schuler‘s upcoming book The Wood that Built London, which will be released in October 2021.

I grew up in the historic territory of the Great North Wood in south-east London, so this subject is of big personal interest for me.

It’s pretty daunting starting a podcast and also fairly cringe-worthy listening to your own voice. I’m hopeful of posting the first episode on Monday 8th February. It’s an hour long and I’m still working through the edit. The first one will be the most difficult because of all the work submitting it to podcast channels and getting used to editing audio again.

The podcast is now being accepted to podcast providers so it should be on Google, Apple and Spotify in the next couple of days. Please subscribe!

At the moment this is a labour of love and is totally funded by yours truly.

The episode will be of particular interest to those who live in south London and are keen to understand more about London’s rural and cultural history. It will also be of interest to those who want to learn more about the how human history has impacted woodlands over time.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully listening soon!

9 thoughts on “Unlocking Landscapes: making a podcast in 2021”

  1. Daniel-good luck with the podcast. There is now a building movement to change the dialogue around the question, ‘what do we expect from the countryside?’ . Pressures are mounting on land and landscapes and there are multiple ideas on what needs to be done. Everything for community orchards to re-wilding: from forest schools to national forests.

    I hope you break out of south London and you are welcome in Bedfordshire- ‘An Unassuming County’. If you look for this book title on Amazon you will come across several books with the theme of landscapes and people. Latest published by Eventispress – How to Value a Skylark : The Countryside in a Time of Change

    Brian Kerr

  2. Sounds splendid, Daniel, and looking forward to hearing the first one. Best of luck with the project. A comment? You sound a little rushed – can you slow down a fraction?

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